Monday, July 16, 2012

Ring Part II

Following the photoshoot we went to meet our ring designer. 

The first time we visited The gold and diamond warehouse we met with Max.  I loved Max because
 a) my dogs name is max
 b) he has a dark gottee and kinda looks like my dogs' face and
c) he was very comforting and nice to us. 

This second time Max was out of town and we met with Barry.  Barry was cool, but no Max.  And we knew what we wanted and brought the cash Max suggested we bring.  But Barry wanted a bigger deposit, so that was awkward…. Once the men started talking money, I shut up.  I’ve worked in sales and I understand where a salesman is coming from.  But my fiancé hasn’t and he gets deals on things I would have never thought possible.  I think it’s because he’s never worked in that industry and asks for things most people would never ask for.  Needless to say, we walked out getting what we wanted.  Hopefully it will be ready by August. 

I’m SUPER excited about that.  My fiance is super excited too, because he knows it means I will stop talking about the ring I don't have and I'll talk about the ring I DO have.  The ring I will LOVE forever and ever and ever.  Oh ya, I'll love him for that long too ;)

Living Life to the Fullest and patiently waiting for my dream ring.

Update: Here is THE ring!!


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